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Android Vehicle Tracking

No need for expensive, dedicated GPS tracking device for tracking your vehicles. All you need is a regular Android phone, mounted in your vehicle’s windscreen of dashboard. It’s simple and hassle-free. Simply download the app and start tracking your vehicle’s location, speed, heading, distance from home base and other important real-time information.

Fleet Management Functions

Allows you to manage a fleet of vehicles, generate daily/weekly/monthly reports, view historical movements, receive alerts of specific events with geofencing functions, and also to issue orders to your employees to go to specific locations, and even the operator’s driving behaviors such as speeding and sudden braking can be analyzed. Reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel file.

Engine Monitoring

Using optional OBD (onboard diagnostics) bluetooth module, important engine statistics such as engine load, RPM, temperature, runtime and fuel flow can be extracted and sent to the Fleet Management server for analysis.

The Low Cost of Cloud Services

With our cloud service, you do not need to invest heavily on your own hardware or software to start managing your fleet of vehicles or you mobile workforce. Simply register and subscribe to one of our monthly plans, and you may upgrade or downgrade subscription at any time of your choice.

Lacak v1.0

Free & Open Source

Easy to Use

Download aplikasi FleetM dan install di perangkat Anda, inputkan GroupID Anda, aktivasi, letakan perangkat Anda pada kendaraan kemudian mulai melacak seluruh aset Anda.

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